EFST will provide all your company's food safety training.  Any class with 5 or more students will be given all the benefits of EFST.  Once you have registered with us and purchased a course(s) we will handle training, as well as prepping you for the exam.

We understand what the high cost of training can be to a small business with high employee turnover, so Elite Food Safety Training wants to provide assistance where it can, whether it's a small business or large corporation.

All you need to do is sign up as a company, and select your class and how many students will be attending, pay for the class and you'll receive confirmation email and you're done.

On-Site Training:  Will be conducted at the place of business or restaurant.  EFST will send the instructor to conduct training and proctor ServSafe exams upon completion of training into other states with a 4 week notice.  We respectfully request for out of state training there be a minimum of 5 confirmed students.  We can also provide the online training course and travel to your location and proctor the exam (call for more details).

The instructor will provide all the training materials, text books, and visual aids.  The instructor will also provide any other required material to conduct the training class.

You and your employees won't have to travel, saving you time and money!

Group Training