COVID-19 and the Food Industry

We received some very helpful information in regards to the COVID-19 virus and the food industry from the National Restaurant Assocation, the CDC, and World Health Organization. Here are a few key takeaways from our call:

  • No projected time frame when the Virus will be contained or end.

  • Covid 19 "Corona Virus" has not been responsible for transmission/infection of anyone to date with food-related sickness.

  • Infection/transmission has not been related to receiving packages domestically or internationally.

  • Personal hygiene policies are very important to monitor/train especially with hands, hair (beard) and touching the face.

  • Make sure all your employees/staff are familiar and up to date on employee/company health standards/policies.

  • Clean and sanitize work and food contact surfaces every 3 - 4 hours to minimize transmission threat.

  • Make sure to change sanitizer water frequently to maintain efficacy as needed (not to exceed 3 hours). 

  • No science is available to determine how Covid 19 reacts to high/low humidity levels.

  • Any employee infected or reports being infected, contact your local health department immediately.

  • Take extra caution with self-service or self serve salad bar areas to highly monitor all aspects of these types of areas.

  • Transparency with employees and customers on the extra safety steps taken to keep everyone safe.

  • No science to support hot water in handwashing kills Covid 19.

  • No science to support cooking food to correct temperatures kills Covid 19.

  • Do not mix sanitizer chemicals to strengthen efficacy. Use bleach to sanitize (4tsp = 1 quart of water or 5TBSP = 1 gallon of water) at approximately 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

  • Currently, no proven completely effective method for destroying Covid 19 has been discovered minimization of threat should be the priority.

We also have several PDF handouts on our website for your use. Please feel free to use these resources as you see fit. Those are found on our homepage under our COVID-19 Section.

Please take the necessary precautions to keep you, your staff, and the general public safe.