Quit wasting money on spoiled food!

Imagine one afternoon receiving a huge delivery of seafood in prepration for an upcoming event. It is fresh and you cannot wait to start creating the dishes you have planned for your menu. You go home and continue to run those details through your mind, eager to get started the next day.

You arrive at your restaurant and go to the cooler. Today is the day! To your dismay, the cooler that you have it stored in has gone down, and judging by the temperature it has been down awhile. All of your seafood is ruined. You may as well have thrown that money in the street - it is gone.

Do not let this happen to you, we have a solution. Therma is a 24/7 wireless equipment monitoring system. Therma provides consistent, around-the-clock monitoring and you will spend less time logging temperatures. Therma is built to perform inside cooler, freezers, and harsh environments and the sensors are easy to place.

You have the flexibility to configure your alerts with what you actually need to know. Notifications are sent via email, text, and/or phone. You can notify multiple team members to ensure the problem is taken care of ASAP.

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