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Our Students Say....

Sam Derr conducted my ServSafe manager training course on January 7th 2019. As someone who has worked in the grocery industry for the last five years I have a variety of food safety training and knowledge. In my five years of food safety experience I had never taken a ServSafe test or corresponding course. Many individuals in the grocery world have attended training sessions and various classes, but none have compared to the experience I received with Elite Food Safety, and Sam Derr.


I have always had a passion for food safety, but Sam Derr’s ServSafe course truly galvanized my desire to learn, and hopefully someday teach. Sam used a variety of media to present our course and did so without rushing through things. Sam took the time to answer our questions and presented talking points surrounding food safety I’ve never even thought of. Most instructors I’ve witnessed rely on their slide shows or videos to lead their class, but not Sam Derr. Sam wants his students to not only learn the material, but truly apply it and succeed in their food safety goals. Sam and Elite Food Safety have inspired me to become a ServSafe instructor myself!


Thank you Sam and Elite Food Safety for not only helping me succeed, but inspiring me to pursue a new goal of a ServSafe instructor.


Sincerely, Aaron Williams

Deli Manager, MDBS

Sam is very knowledgeable and did a great job of explaining and answering questions.  I would recommend this class! 



2.21.19 West Des Moines class

Sam is a great teacher.  He kept the class moving at a comfortable pace and would take the time to explain things in depth if needed.  His material and teaching style kept the entire class engaged and entertained.  I would highly recommend Elite Food Safety, Sam, and his team to anyone needing to take this certification.  You will not be disappointed!



2.21.19 West Des Moines class

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