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ServSafe Manager's Certification + Exam

Exam only options available!

Elite Food Safety offers the ServSafe Manager's Certification Training, plus the proctored exam.  This training is an 8 hour course.  This includes use of a ServSafe 7th Edition textbook, 40 question practice test, shipping & handling of materials, training and the final exam.  Our Instructors are all Registered Instructor/Proctors with ServSafe. 

Classroom Experience with Elite Food Safety Training:

Elite Food Safety Training Instructors are trained to use a wide variety of teaching methods to keep our classes entertaining and educational. We mix lecture, video, and fun activities in a way that constantly encourages the learner to stay engaged with food safety content. 

ServSafe Manager's CertificationTraining covers critical topics including:

  • Foodborne Ilnness and the losses associated with an outbreak

  • The Microworld (Pathogens, Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites, Fungi Biological Toxins)

  • Food Allergens and Contamination

  • Good Personal Hygiene Program

  • Monitoring Time and Temperature

  • Food Safety Management Systems


COST:  $175 per student


ServSafe Food Handler - Instructor Led Course

Elite Food Safety offers the ServSafe Food Handler Instructor Led course.  Our instructor will review the ServSafe material and conduct an assessment at the end of the class.  Details below:


  • Course Length:  Approximately two hours

  • Assessment Length:  A 40-question, non-proctored test with no time limit

  • Language:  English or Spanish versions available

  • Certificate:  Included with the guide to be signed by instructor upon successful completion of assessment

COST:  $75 per student


ServSafe Food Handler Card - Exam Only

  • Exam Length:  Approximately 45 minutes

  • Assessment Length:  A 40-question, non-proctored test with no time limit

  • Language:  English

  • Passing Grade 70%

  • Certificate:  Not included with the guide to be signed by instructor upon successful completion of assessment.  The assessment's are sent into ServSafe for grading and within 4-6 business days your grades are available on-line or by e-mailing your instructor.  The Food Handler Card will be mailed directly to you.

  • Food Handler Card:  Valid for 3 years

COST:  $50 per student


ServSafe Allergen Training

The number of Americans affected by food allergies is trending higher every year. Dining out is a serious concern for them as well as their family and friends. Those who deal with this life-threatening condition are often unsure which restaurants can safely accommodate them — if at all. That’s why making your restaurant staff allergy aware can help increase your revenue opportunities. To capitalize on this opportunity, you and your employees need to have the basic information required to ensure everyone takes the steps necessary to keep your customers safe. And the ServSafe Allergens Online Course is your best, most trusted source for qualified online training. Get started today


  • Defining Food Allergies

  • Recognizing symptoms

  • Identifying allergens

  • Dangers of cross-contact

  • Proper cleaning methods 


  • Proper Communication

  • Preventing cross-contact

  • Workstations & self-serve areas

  • Special dietary requests

  • Dealing with emergencies 


  • Importance of food labels

  • Handling food deliveries

  • Proper food preparation

  • Cleaning & personal hygiene

The interactive ServSafe Allergens Online Course provides the protection you need. It drives home the critical lessons your employees and managers need to know before an emergency occurs. This is the comprehensive training you can trust.

Fifteen million Americans with food allergies dine with family and friends where they feel safe. Those who deal with these life-threatening conditions are often unsure which restaurants can safely accommodate them - if at all. 


Elite Food Safety Training offers a safe environment that provides the following benefits and resources when you visit our Allergen resource training center.

  • National ServSafe instructor & Proctor to answer questions.

  • A Safe socially distanced independent workspace.

  • Chrome book with ear buds.

  • Continental breakfast.

  • Coffee, tea and beverages.

  • Snacks available throughout the day at no cost.

We want to provide a learning environment that is quiet and distraction free that allows the student to retain the maximum amount of learning.

COST:  $75 per student


Lemon Cocktail

ServSafe Alcohol Training

The ServSafe Alcohol Training is a 4 hour, Instructor led course.  We provide the most up to date ServSafe materials.  

Our instructor will train your staff onsite.  If onsite training is not possible, our team will find a location to conduct the training and exam.  

Register Here

COST:  $100 per student