Traditional Classroom Training


Traditional Classroom Training


The Traditional Classroom Training is an 8 hour course.  This includes use of a ServSafe 7th Edition textbook, 40 question practice test, shipping & handling of materials, training and the final exam.

The ServSafe Essentials textbooks are very useful in classes and when studying for the ServSafe Food Protections Mananger Certification Examination. 

Classroom Experience

ServSafe training mixes lecture, video, and fun activities in a way that constantly encourages the learner to stay engaged with food safety content. 

What Managers will learn

ServSafetraining covers critical topics including:

  1. Foodborne Ilnness and the losses associated with an outbreak

  2. The Microworld (Pathogens, Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites, Fungi Biological Toxins)

  3. Food Allergens and Contamination

  4. Good Personal Hygiene Program

  5. Hazards in the Flow of Food

  6. Monitoring Time and Temperature

  7. The Flow of Food:  Purchasing, receiving, principles, and storing

  8. The life of Seafood toxins, Pathogens, and Parasites

  9. Correct temperatures for holding and serving food

  10. Food Safety Management Systems

  11. Crisis Management

  12. Designing a sanitary operation

  13. Interior requirements for a Sanitary operation

  14. Cleaning and sanitizing in the operation

  15. Integrated Pest Management Program and how to work with a Pest Control Op

  16. Government Regulations of Foodservice Operations

  17. Inspections

  18. Food Safety training for Staff

  19. Training Delivery Methods

  20. Personalized attention from the instructor to provide all the knowledge you will need to pass the ServSafe exam


* Training is concluded with the exam

* A $25 book buy back will be offered at the end of training for any text still in good condition.